OMEGA hosts and produces online megagames.

From grand strategy to roleplay, economics to fireballs, our games blend serious political simulation with emergent storytelling in settings both mundane and fantastical.

Our next events

The Sadly Unavoidable Tragedies of Dr Oblivion Nightmare's Dinosaur Island

For the fifteenth month in a row, Dinosaur Island has underperformed, board members barely able to look each other in the eye as they award themselves their latest million dollar bonus. In her hour of need, the enigmatic Dr Nightmare has put out the call to specialists from around the Earth, hoping against hope that their knowledge and expertise will turn Dinosaur Island around, finally making the park into the mega-profitable venture it was always meant to be.

Underground: Magic Derailed

Underground: Magic Derailed is an urban fantasy game of magical innovation, community solidarity and advocacy, set against the backdrop of late-stage capitalism. As a proud NYC resident, you have a clear incentive to solve the unfolding magical crisis, both to protect your community and to stop the summer’s rotten trash smell from getting any stronger.

The Sordid Affairs of Brookhaven Parish

Ruin stalks the streets of Brookhaven. The year is 1877. The Count is long dead, but the shadow of his terrible Black Soiree still lingers. A night of Faustian bargains that cursed the families of the parish. Now they teeter on the precipice of the abyss, decaying year after year, all drawn inexorably towards a doom of their own making.