OMEGA hosts and produces online megagames.

From grand strategy to roleplay, economics to fireballs, our games blend serious political simulation with emergent storytelling in settings both mundane and fantastical.

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Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?

Welcome to beautiful King Solomon Island, Maine. A lovely and friendly community with secrets behind every door. Not that they would let you know that, to all appearances Solomon Harbor is the very picture of white picket americana. But you that is not the whole truth, behind every fence lies a secret side to this small town, one you sell to the tourists as myth. But you know there are mages, cultists, spies and worst of all, communists, lying in your midst. You just need to be able to find them first, without giving away who you really are. I just need to ask you some questions first, are you now or have you ever been…


Dwarf For-Prez is a council game of rich and powerful dwarfs vying for more power because they know best. You are one of the foremost dwarves of your time. Which of course means you are one of the richest. Many things define being a dwarf. A love of gold is one, but there are different stances of what else is important with five factions which hold their own values in reverence: Warriors, Inventors, Merchants, Priests, and Sorcerers. With the old ruler dead you will need to work with those who share some of your values to ensure all of dwarfdom recognises your unique viewpoint as being the best. Then the crown shall be yours, along with the gold!

God's Wars Redux

Not everyone can ascend to Godhood. But the Gods’ Wars will give you a chance to prove yourself to the Gods and gain their favour. Do well enough in their competition, and perhaps you can win Ascension, to join them in Godhood!