OMEGA hosts and produces online megagames.

From grand strategy to roleplay, economics to fireballs, our games blend serious political simulation with emergent storytelling in settings both mundane and fantastical.

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The Sordid Affairs of Brookhaven Parish

Ruin stalks the streets of Brookhaven. The year is 1877. The Count is long dead, but the shadow of his terrible Black Soiree still lingers. A night of Faustian bargains that cursed the families of the parish. Now they teeter on the precipice of the abyss, decaying year after year, all drawn inexorably towards a doom of their own making.

Running Hot

In the near future, Britain is facing economic ruin. Following the success of the “Megacorp” experiment in the United States they attempt to do the same – they offer several multi-billion corporations the chance to buy a large part of the British landscape and create their own city state, where they can make their own laws if they wish.