OMEGA hosts and produces online megagames.

From grand strategy to roleplay, economics to fireballs, our games blend serious political simulation with emergent storytelling in settings both mundane and fantastical.

Our next events

Councils of Elporia

A one-day, more fantastical rework of As Thou Commands, itself based loosely on the board game The King’s Gambit. This game lets you collaboratively develop duchies, each part of a wider nation, and tell their stories.

Ur: Season Two

A play by e-mail game which is the direct sequel to one of the first PBEMs we all played, set in a city at the centre of a web of portals and leylines to other places in a wider multiverse ruled over by a council of bickering philosophical extremists, with squabbling noble houses, conniving criminals and handsome anarchists pursuing their own agendas.

The Plumford Vampire Kerfuffle

Alack! Horror! A group of vampires has arrived and besieged your beautiful idyllic English country village! Players take the role of curmudgeonly squabbling townsfolk, fighting the vampires for survival and each other for importance. Won't somebody think of the daffodils on the village green?? It's Hot Fuzz meets Buffy with some Handforth Parish Council thrown in! A silly game of politics, role play, creative problem-solving and collaborative story-telling.