OMEGA aims to put a selection of games on each year, normally falling under one of two types:

Play-By-Email megagames are multi-day events, with players primarily taking actions and interacting with other players using email.
Online game
An online game takes the "traditional" one day megagame experience and moves it online, with players using online tools like Discord, Miro or Google Sheets

Running a game with us

OMEGA are always looking for new game designs to run online. Throughout the year, the Steering Committee will put out a call for game pitches. Games can be in any state at this point - maybe you just have a good idea for a game, maybe you have a full design ready to go. If your game is selected for the OMEGA calendar, then the Steering Committee will work with you and help with marketing, logistics and any technical issues you might have.

Existing in-person designs

If you have an existing megagame design that you've run in person and want to run online, the team at OMEGA has an existing track record of porting games to an online format.

If you're interested in having your game ported, feel free to get in touch and see how we can help you.

Help to run games

OMEGA is always looking for people to help run games, either by providing technical expertise or by being part of the Control team. Being part of the Control team for a megagame every so often is highly recommended, especially for those who play a lot of games! To find out more, join our Discord server.