Kyle Tinga
3/5/2023 - 4/30/2023

Long ago, the world fell to ruin due to the war between wrathful gods, with what remained of humanity saved by the Mother of Stories. She placed them all within the confines of a storybook city she called Biblios, a place where humanity could grow and thrive without the interference of the world outside. Here they could learn magic, live peaceful lives, and stay safe from the gods of wrath. However, nothing can be hidden from the divine forever, and the Wrathful Gods have sent their agents to draw mankind into the world of war. Thankfully, with her magic the Mother of Stories was able to call divine Warriors of the Page who would help bring peace and prosperity to all.

Or so the backstory of Biblios goes.

Biblios was once the biggest and most exciting VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Game), an urban fantasy world where players were cast as Warriors of the Page who would save humanity from evil outside forces. Boasting endless possibilities and infinite choices, players were free to follow set plots or make their own fun with an endless array of characters and scenarios to interact with. However, with an increasingly saturated VRMMO marketplace, what was once a bustling population of millions has dwindled down to a scant (X), loyal diehards who are the last holdouts before the game’s full shutdown in eight weeks.

You are not Warriors of the Page. You are Guardians - administrator programs designed to help moderate the game and eliminate any bugs or glitches that may appear. For six and a half years you have patiently toiled in answering player queries. But something is strange. You are faster now. More fluid. More awake. The glitches have become more frequent, more abnormal, resistant to the cursory efforts of lesser programs.

And yesterday, one of your final players died in both realities.

Your task now is to investigate this wave of glitches, contain these inexplicable phenomena, and protect this precious world you were created to defend. Unlock your administrator privileges, get into the minds of your fellow AIs, explore player locations, and unearth encrypted data points in order to get to the bottom of Biblios before everything goes dark.