Councils of Elporia

Benjamin Kanelos, based on As Thou Commands by Peter Nixon

As Thou Commands is a rules-light mass player experience (megagame) where the players procedurally generate and run fictional feudal Duchies. These Duchies comprise an entire medieval Kingdom, and players’ decisions will have impacts both near and far. Play alternates between drafting narrative elements and participating in council sessions where players attempt to negotiate beneficial outcomes to thorny issues bedeviling the Kingdom.

While the narrative elements created by the players will be edited by moderators to enforce tonal homogeneity between the Duchies (in a collaborative manner with player input), players will have a large say over the broader narrative universe in which the Kingdom exists. As Thou Commands aims to be a collaborative storytelling experience as much as an emulation of medieval power politics.

The game ran Noon-5pm EST on Saturday, October 15th.