Mickey Hollman
1/8/2023 - 1/22/2023

Dwarf For-Prez is a council game of rich and powerful dwarfs vying for more power because they know best.

You are one of the foremost dwarves of your time. Which of course means you are one of the richest, as gold is indisputable evidence of skill and accomplishment for dwarves. There are many things that define being a dwarf. A love of gold is one, and mining for gold is of course universally agreed as important, but there are different stances of what else is important with five factions which hold their own values in reverence: Warriors, Inventors, Merchants, Priests, and Sorcerers. You exemplify two of these and will need to show everone that your way is right if you want to become the new ruler…. Which you do, because it comes with more gold. Never mind that the last ruler died under mysterious circumstances; that is hardly your problem.

Unfortunately there are some other dwarves who think they should also be the ruler and you all have so much gold counting out who has the most seems impractical. You’d also need to reveal all of the gold you’ve hidden and let other people touch it with their grubby, sticky fingers! The ten of you will be running things through the coming weeks collectively as the successor is chosen by exemplifying their values as the most dwafish.So you may need to work with the others who share your values to make sure you come out as the true exemplar of dwarfishness.