Goblin City

Scott McMann
September 2022 - October 2022

Goblin city was founded in the year 1135 in the Age of Smoke, a day that has become known to its citizens as; Yesterday. The night before, a famous goblin named Big Cheese finally overthrew the Overseer's minions, freeing his goblin tribe from their former masters. Soon news traveled through every cave and cavern - Goblins can be free! Any Underkin can be free! Chains were broken, oppressors defeated, and freedom was taken. Big Cheese immediately declared us one nation, and founded it's first city where they stood. And the first official decree: Celebrate! Big Cheese led a party to newly liberated larders, cellars, and wine cellars that once made their masters fat, and from there they laid out a feast for all Underkin to share. At that feast, many great things were decided! The Big 7, and of course that Big Cheese will be leader! One thing that was not able to be decided on was the name of their grand new city, and a few teeth were lost when one Underkin suggested “Big-Nose-Da-Best City” only to be met with a counter-suggestion of “Big-Nose-Da-Butt City”. But at the end of that long day, Goblins, Orcs, and Underkin alike now sit, former enemies now turn friends. Tomorrow shall be a truly glorious morning. Morning arrived to find every single Underkin in the city hungover, sick, and wishing they were dead. But still, free is free.