God's Wars Redux

1/8/2023 - 3/5/2023

Not everyone can ascend to Godhood. But the Gods’ Wars will give you a chance to prove yourself to the Gods and gain their favour. Do well enough in their competition, and perhaps you can win Ascension, to join them in Godhood! The Gods’ Wars have been run countless times across countless worlds, with countless themes. Those involved have felt justified in rigging elections, interceding in succession crises, starting wars, and much more besides! This time there are dual themes, balance and hope. The World is in crisis as the 2040s begin, it’s clearly evident for all but the most ardent and delusional to see now. Centred around the United Nations habitat within Ouroboros, those with means and power have been brought together by an, as yet, unnamed sponsor in an attempt to save the planet. Investigate possibilities and negotiate future realities with those in similar positions to your own. Bring such realities to life, whilst you improve your Favour with the Gods. Will you strive to win Godly Favour and with it the honour and privilege of Ascension, or will you wield balance and hope for the people of this World and a better tomorrow? Find out in this year’s Gods’ Wars!