Stephanie Rothman
5/7/2023 - 6/30/2023

Kairos is a time travel mystery game set in an alternate Earth. Players will be playing as time travelers, working for KAIROS (Keepers And Investigative Regulators Of Spacetime), an organizational body that governs all time travel. Players will be a new class of time travel recruits, also known as Time Keepers. At game start, players will find themselves with an unexpected promotion due to a terrible tragedy that has just occurred. The 28th K-Infinity Time Travel Conference, attended by the KAIROS organization leaders and most senior Time Keepers, has gone dark. All communication with this Time has been lost and it has become too unstable to travel to, see into, or otherwise interact with in any way. KAIROS is now counting on you, both to uphold its day to day functioning as well as to figure out what happened at the conference (and perhaps even undo it!)