Kepler: Pioneers of the Cosmos

1/15/2024 - 2/25/2024

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The year is 3180, and Earth, once a cradle of abundance, now languishes on the cusp of scarcity. The remnants of dwindling resources cast a sombre shadow over a planet straining under the weight of its burgeoning populace. The imperative for a new haven has become undeniable.

Amidst this crucible of necessity, the disparate factions of Earth and a strange unknown alien species have amalgamated their powers and have unleashed a formidable expeditionary fleet to seek refuge in the unexplored corners of the newly discovered star system of New Kepler. As a player, you find yourself thrust into the heart of this monumental journey.

Awakening from cryo-sleep, you emerge into this unknown, a bewildering and alien world that beckons exploration and survival as a human or alien you try to further your goals. The fate of the expedition rests on the shoulders of intrepid pioneers like you, stepping into the uncharted realm of New Kepler with hope, trepidation, and the resolute determination to carve out a new home among the stars.