Legia: Gemstones

9/3/2023 - 10/29/2023

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Greetings, Gemstones! We are thrilled to invite you all to embark on a magnificent journey into the enchanting realm of Legia.

In this play-by-email game, you will assume the roles of heroic Gemstones, nobles, rulers, and heroes, responsible for safeguard the vibrant hues of Legia from the insidious Gray and the constantly expanding Grayzone. Taking queue from Saturday morning cartoons, Legia: Gemstones is inspired by works like She-Ra: Princesses of Power, Owl House, and Steven Universe. Prepare yourselves to dive headfirst into a world where love and friendship are as strong as any metal.

Legia, is a land abundant in magic and wonder, that once thrived under the harmonious symphony of vibrant colors that painted its landscapes. However, the Gray is threatening to desecrate the very essence of this wondrous realm. This nefarious entity seeks to drain Legia of its brilliant hues, casting the land into a monochrome abyss. In this hour of need, new Gemstones rise to face this daunting challenge after the shocking defeat of the previous Gemstones, now corrupted into Graystones that seek to do the Gray's bidding.

We invite players of all experience levels to join this extraordinary adventure. Whether you are a seasoned hero or a wide-eyed newcomer, Legia welcomes you all with open arms. The world eagerly awaits the arrival of its brave Gemstones. Will you heed the Gemheart's call?