Shadowed Horizons

Shona Jemphrey
10/29/2023 - 12/17/2023

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For hundreds of years, the city of Tarira has ruled the skies - kept aloft by thousands of giant balloons and the mysterious, magical properties of the golden Dust it harvests from the air. Soldiers and politicians scheme and plot; while the underfolk keep the city going, traders bring news and goods from the far-off land settlements, and pirates wait just out of reach for their chance to strike...

You are all residents of this glorious city - where honour is key, Dust is crucial, and most never set foot on the ground. As Tarira faces a crisis that it never has before, help shape its future and steer its course. Battle your rivals; get an edge through the latest discoveries; duel for power and fame; and, of course, look incredibly stylish while doing so.

Shadowed Horizons is a game of steampunk fun and swashbuckling glory, heavily influenced by classics such as Zorro and the Three Musketeers. Sharpen your rapier, don your cape, and prepare to take a stand - for truth, honour, and the most impressive hat.