The Disc

8/27/2023 - 10/8/2023

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The Disc will be set within a fantasy world which is distinctly different to the one created by Terry Pratchett. It is a world which might look similar to our own, but is a place where magic and myths exist.

It is the Century of the Anteater and the city of AM has taken an economic and social downturn since the previous prosperity under the tyrant patrician Lord Vee. The current Patrician, Lord Eton, is out of touch with the citizens and seems to take more interest in feasting and fornicating, than federal and foreign affairs. Fortunately for AM, it has many upstanding* citizens who have stepped in to help with the smooth running of the city.

This is your chance to play as a member of the Watch, the Guilds or the University to help change the fate of the Disc. You do not have to have done any prior reading to play this game. We will be collectively creating new characters and storylines for everyone to enjoy.

*Upstanding being a measure of their ability to remain on their feet, rather than their moral compass.