The Plumford Vampire Kerfuffle

Shona Jemphrey

The vampires arrived three days ago, and set up camp in the abandoned castle ruins just outside your beautiful English village of Plumford, cutting you off from the outside world. You and your fellow cantankerous villagers have kept them at bay so far, but you must work out a way to survive - and, much more importantly, win the Village of the Year award! And there's also a local election going on - who's going to win the coveted shiny mayoral medallion, and get to lord it over everyone else???

You have been called together - the best, brightest, and most influential community leaders in the town. Some have described you as "curmudgeonly" - you prefer the phrase "strongly opinionated". It is up to you to guide the town through these difficult weeks, and maintain the glory of Plumford!

Of course, you will all have your own personal agendas as well … no point in letting a good crisis go to waste…

It's Hot Fuzz meets Buffy with some Handforth Parish Council thrown in! A silly game of politics, role play, creative problem-solving and collaborative story-telling.

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