Underground: Magic Derailed

Rebecca M
3/25/2024 - 5/5/2024

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Good morning lovelies! You’re listening to the Underground, the one true magical frequency bringing you all the ups, downs and everything in between for New York City!

It’s graduation season, so you know what that means: the old Department of Magic is gonna be gummed up, pumping out all those new Practitioners onto the streets. Ready to be scooped up by whichever corp is fastest… or richest. Let's hope the dearies get paid enough to make those tuition fees worth it. Meanwhile our very own magic poppets – or should I say ‘Adepts’ – are living free and keeping the true essence of magic magical…at least while the suits are still fumbling with those ‘unlicensed magic’ laws. First video games and soft drinks, now magic. Is there any type of fun they won’t try to control?

Last but very much not least, keep an eye open and be careful out there, lovelies. There’s been talk of more of those weird and freaky magical anomalies poppin’ up across the place. If any of your dears haven’t checked in recently, you can drop a missing persons report through 311. Don’t forget to use this week's passphrase to make sure it reaches the right people. It’s getting wild out there lovelies. So stay safe, stay magical, stay together… and of course, stay tuned.

Underground: Magic Derailed is an urban fantasy game of magical innovation, community solidarity and advocacy, set against the backdrop of late-stage capitalism. As a proud NYC resident, you have a clear incentive to solve the unfolding magical crisis, both to protect your community and to stop the summer’s rotten trash smell from getting any stronger. Seriously, it’s getting to be a bit much.